Handicap Parking Permits

If you live within the City of Watertown and qualify for a handicapped parking permit, you may obtain one from the City Clerk’s Office.  This can be done through the mail, through the City Hall drop box or in person (by appointment only).  There is no fee for this permit.

The NYS Application for a Handicap Parking Permit (MV-664.1) must be completed and signed by your healthcare provider. 

By Mail or City Hall Drop Box:

Mail the completed form along with a copy of the applicant’s Photo ID to the City Clerk’s Office or place it in an envelope addressed to the “City Clerk” in the City Hall Drop Box located at the Sterling Street entrance to the building.

The permit tag will be returned to you by mail.

In Person Requests (By Appointment Only):

Applicant must call the City Clerk’s Office at 315-785-7780 to schedule an appointment.

Bring a completed signed form and the applicant’s Photo ID to the appointment.

Things to Remember:

  • If you qualify for a Permanent Disability, your Parking Permit will be valid for 5 years and can be renewed without another medical certification from your healthcare provider.
  • If you qualify for a Temporary Disability, your Parking Permit will be valid for up to 6 months and will need to be renewed with another medical certification from your healthcare provider.
  • Handicapped Plates for a vehicle can be obtained from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) 
  • It is illegal to park in a parking space reserved for persons with disabilities if you do not have the correct vehicle plates or parking permit. 

For more information, visit the NYS DMV website at http://www.dmv.ny.gov/disabled.htm or download a brochure at http://www.dmv.ny.gov/broch/c34.htm

General Information
Phone Numbers
(315) 785-7780
Fax: (315) 785-7796
Emergencies: Dial 911
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