Public Parking

Please take a few minutes to read the signs posted at all entrances of the City regarding parking, zoning etc.   Also, as a reminder, the speed limit on all City Streets (unless otherwise posted), is 30 miles per hour.

On-Street parking is allowed on the City streets from May 1 through October 31, except where "No Parking" signs are posted.  Please see Section 293-61 Schedule XIII: Parking Prohibited at All Times of the Watertown City Code for more information.

Seasonal Parking Restriction

During the winter months from November 1 through April 30, there is no parking on any City street from 2 AM until 6 AM.  The Department of Public Works crews are out keeping our streets plowed during these times.

Downtown Parking

Parking in the Downtown area of the City of Watertown is available in multiple free municipal parking lots for visitors, residents and workers. In addition, free on-street parking is available in the heart of the Downtown area and on some surrounding streets. Most of the Downtown area is exempt from having to provide dedicated parking for businesses and residents in order to foster a dense, walkable city center.

Municipal Parking Lots

Stone Street Parking Lot
State Street Parking Lot
Arcade Street Parking Lot
Court Street Parking Lot
JB Wise Parking Lot
Newell Street Parking West
Newell Street Parking East
Union Street Parking Lot

View the Downtown Parking Map

Need a Handicap Parking Permit? You may obtain a Handicap Parking Permit by contacting the City Clerk's Office.

Got a parking ticket? You pay these at the City Comptroller's Office.

Got a moving violation? You pay these at the City Court on the first floor of City Hall.

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