Planning and Zoning FAQ

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What is my property zoned?

A PDF version of the City of Watertown Zoning Map is available to view here: 

Additionally, there is a zoning layer on the City’s public GIS application (accessible via the link below) by turning on the zoning layer using the Table of Contents on the right side of the screen:

What are the permitted uses in my zoning district?

A full list of allowed uses in every zoning district is available in the City’s online code book, available here:

How do I get permission to build an addition to my house, or build a shed or garage on my property?

You must obtain a Zoning Compliance Certificate (ZCC) from the Planning and Community Development Department.  An application form is available here. After obtaining a ZCC, you may apply to the City Code Enforcement Bureau for a Building

What are the required minimum building setbacks for my property?

Section 310-16 of the Zoning Ordinance, which governs setbacks, is available to view here:

What is the procedure if I wish to rezone or subdivide my property?

These actions require submitting an application and appearing at a Planning Board meeting to represent your request.  PDF versions of the application forms are available here.  The Planning and Community Development Department strongly advises contacting Planning Staff for guidance prior to submitting an application.

How do I establish outdoor seating on public property for my restaurant?

If your restaurant is located within the Downtown Core Overlay, it is eligible for expedited approval via the City’s Downtown Overlay District Outdoor Dining Program.  Application instructions are available here.
Outside of downtown, the City requires a license agreement with the City Manager’s office to use public property for outdoor seating. 

What is the allowed signage on my property?

Section 310-52.2 of the Zoning Ordinance governs signs.  It is available to view here:

I would like to build a fence. What are the allowances and limitations?

Section 310-26.1 of the Zoning Ordinance governs fences.  It is available to view here:

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