Mayor and City Council

Mayor of the City of Watertown

The Mayor is the head of the City Government and presides over all meetings of City Council.  He is a voting member of City Council and he represents the City at all civic events throughout the year.  The Mayor’s duties are to provide leadership, promote teamwork among City Council and coordinate City Council activities.

City Council

The City Council shall have vested in them all the legislative powers of the City and establish policy for the City.  City Council shall have the power to control the finances and all property, real and personal, belonging to the City and determine expenditures each year through the approval of the annual budget.  The City Council is the appointing authority for the City Manager and City Clerk. 

The City of Watertown has a non-partisan Council. Council Members and the Mayor are elected to a four-year term and serve the City at-large.  Elections are held during the general election in November, and the office is assumed on January 1st.  All elected officials must reside within the City of Watertown.  


The City Council meets the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month at 7 PM in the Council Chambers, 3rd Floor, 245 Washington St, Watertown NY.   The 2nd Monday of each month is held for Work Sessions, which are open discussions of topics requested by the Mayor and City Council.  If there is a holiday on Monday, the Council Meeting or Work Session will take place on the following day, Tuesday. Minutes & Agendas are available online.

Public is welcome to attend all meetings.

City Council Meeting Videos

City Council Meetings and Work Sessions are captured on video by Steve Weed Productions.  Click here to view the Council videos.

Mayor and Council Members’ Contact Information 

     Jeffrey M. Smith, Mayor
     245 Washington St, Rm 302A
     Watertown, NY  13601
     Phone: (315) 785-7720
     Cell: (315) 785-7721
     Fax: (315) 782-9014
     Sarah V. Compo Pierce, Council Member
     283 Thompson Boulevard
     Watertown, NY  13601
     Phone: (315) 775-8167

     Patrick J. Hickey, Council Member
     394 Pawling Street
     Watertown, NY  13601
     Phone: (315) 955-4147

     Lisa A. L'Huillier Ruggiero, Council Member
     216 Keyes Avenue
     Watertown, NY  13601
     Phone: (315) 786-9999

     Clifford G. Olney III, Council Member
     847 Washington Street, Apt 1
     Watertown, NY 13601
     Phone: (315) 408-1616