The City of Watertown Engineer oversees the direction, development, design, and execution of a variety of projects throughout the City each year. This position is the Department Head over the Engineers and Bureau of Code Enforcement staff, and administers regulatory functions working closely with the Planning and Community Development Department. The City Engineer approves operating and capital budget submittals for the department, and initiates engineering studies and/or program reviews in response to inquiries from City Council, City management, or when professional judgement suggests its is advisable in regards to such public safety and integrity of streets, sidewalks, bridges, traffic systems, street lighting and waterway operations and maintenance. 

Department responsibilities and services provided to the public:

  • Assists other City departments in the preparation and execution of capital improvement projects
  • Gives technical engineering advice to the heads of various City departments and the City Manager
  • Adheres to Laws and Regulations within the City and Engineering field
  • Maintains knowledge of principles and practices of the planning, design, and construction of municipal public works programs
  • Studies the improvement of traffic lights for safety
  • Issues Permits for the following projects: 


                        Curb cuts

                        Pavement Cuts

                        Dumpster and Scaffolding in the R.O.W (city)


  • Reviews sediment and erosion control for specific project
  • Implements waste and stormwater improvements to City and State regulations
  • Oversees:
  • Hydroelectric Development
  • Floodplain Information
  • Records and Maps, including right-of-way and Utility Locations
  • Survey Data
  • Codes
  • Fences
  • Plumbing Board
  • Safety
  • Project design and management

General Information
Phone Numbers
(315) 785-7740
Fax: (315) 782-9014
Emergencies: Dial 911
245 Washington St.
Suite 305

Monday - Friday
8:30 am - 4:30 pm