Engineering Permits

Below are permit applications to aid in the process of working on either commercial or residential property in the City of Watertown.  You may open the permit and fill it out online, or print and bring with you to the Engineering Department to request a permit.

The following conditions must be met by either a home/business owner or a contractor/plumber.

If you are the contractor 

You must obtain the signature of the home or property owner giving permission to do the requested work.
You must provide a current Certificate of Liability Insurance (Accord 25 form)
      * The City of Watertown must be listed as the certificate holder
      * The minimum $1,000,000. coverage for each occurrence listed
      * Current Worker's Compensation Insurance Certificate
* Contractors who do not have employees must provide a Certificate of Attestation of Exemption (CE-200)

If you are the property/home owner  

For a property owner of a 1,2,3, or 4 family, owner-occupied residence, no proof of General Liability Insurance is required, but the Building Permit (BP-1) must be completed.

For owners of other types of properties or businesses, they must provide a copy of their General Liability and Workers' Compensation Insurance, as stipulated above, or provide some other proof of insurance coverage acceptable to the City Engineer.

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