Refuse & Recycling

The City provides curbside pickup of refuse (weekly) and recyclables (bi-weekly) for residents purchasing City of Watertown Blue Refuse Stickers or renting a City of Watertown Refuse Tote.

Recycling is mandatory and all participants must follow the City’s Refuse & Recycling Guidelines


City of Watertown Blue Refuse stickers allow residents to participate on an “as needed, pay as you go” basis.  Each sticker costs covers one (1) bag with a 40 lb. maximum weight limit and a maximum size of 32 gallons.

Blue Refuse Stickers are available for purchase at these locations

Cost: $4.25



City of Watertown Refuse Totes provide the convenience of not having to purchase stickers and can be a cost savings. 

Size                  Quarterly Rate                   Weekly Rate

32 gal                   $65.00                                $5.00

64 gal                   $97.50                                $7.50

96 gal                   $130.00                              $10.00

Refuse totes are billed quarterly with payment due on March 15, June 15, Sept 15, and Dec 15. in advance of service provided.  If payment is not received timely interruption of service may occur.  Full quarterly payment plus tote re-delivery fee of $50 must be paid before service can be restarted.

Required payment to start service will vary based on start date within the billing cycle.  For more information call the DPW office at (315) 785-7842.

                             Request a Refuse Tote                                 

Cancel a Refuse Tote                                                           Change a Refuse Tote


If you are unable to take your refuse and recyclables to the curb due to physical limitations, you may complete a Curbside Assistance Form 

Return the form by mail to City of Watertown Dept. of Public Works 557 Newell St Watertown, NY 13601 or by fax to (315) 782-0293.

General Information
Phone Numbers
(315) 785-7842
Fax: (315) 782-0293
Emergencies: Dial 911
557 Newell St.

Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 4:00 pm