Debt Information

Credit Ratings

When the City issues serial bonds it obtains a credit rating from either Moody’s Investors Service, Fitch Ratings or Standard & Poor’s.  Municipal bond ratings are an independent opinion that determine the amount of investment risk and assess areas like the financial condition of the City, current state of the economy, debt levels, management practices and socio-economic issues. Below are the most recent credit rating reports issued by Moody’s.

Moodys rating assignment 4-27-2021.pdf 

Moodys credit opinion report 9-1-2020.pdf 

Moodys rating assignment 3-12-2019.pdf 

Moodys rating credit opinion report 3-12-2019.pdf 

Moodys credit opinion report 5-25-2017.pdf 

Moodys Report - 6-16-2015.pdf 

Moodys rating affirmation 5-22-2014.pdf 

Moodys rating 4-27-2014.pdf 

Moodys rating affirmation 4-27-2014.pdf 

Moodys rating 6-10-2013.pdf 

Moodys rating 6-13-2011.pdf 

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Official Statements

As part of the process to borrow funds to finance various City projects the City issues an Official Statement.  An Official Statement is a disclosure document used by the City to sell their bonds to potential buyers and protect investors’ interests by providing all the information deemed necessary by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).  The Official Statements for the City’s outstanding debt are listed below. 

 Official Statement 6-27-2024 BAN $2,812,500.pdf  

 Official Statement 6-28-2023 BAN $1,225,000.pdf 

Official Statement 5-18-2021 GO $2,800,000.pdf 

Official Statement 9-30-2020 GO Refunding $1,640,000.pdf

Official Statement 3-29-2019 GO $5,965,749.pdf 

Official Statement 6-15-2017 GO $5,130,000.pdf 

Official Statement 6-25-2015 GO Series A, B $15,810,000.pdf

 Official Statement 6-18-2014 GO Refunding $4,485,000.pdf  

Official Statement 4-10-2014 GO Series A, B $6,305,000.pdf 

Official Statement 6-20-2013 GO $1,645,000.pdf 

Official Statement 6-28-2011 GO $2,035,000.pdf 

Official Statement 4-15-2011 GO Refunding Series A, B, C $7,505,000.pdf 

Official Statement 6-15-2010 GO $2,225,000.pdf 

Official Statement 2-15-2008 GO $7,345,000.pdf 

Official Statement 5-15-2002 GO $2,310,000.pdf 

To view official statements from earlier issuances please visit the Electronic Municipal Market Access (EMMA) website ( The EMMA website is funded and operated by the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (MSRB), the self-regulatory organization charged by Congress with promoting a fair and efficient municipal securities market. EMMA is designated by the U. S. Securities and Exchange Commission as the official source for municipal securities data and disclosure documents.

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