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WINSLOW ST and HAMLIN ST Intersection Closed June 18, 2024

The intersection of Winslow St and Hamlin St will be closed on June 18, 2024 due to construction.

Press Release Hamlin Street

Hamlin Street Service Interruption June 18, 2024

2024 Pride Flag Raised at City Hall June 15, 2024 at 10am

PRESS RELEASE 2024 Raising of the Pride Flag June 15,. 2024 at 10am

Water Hydrant Flushing to begin May 5, 2024

Please see the above page for the water flushing schedule.Flushing Schedule Details

The City is receiving $1 million to support the construction of a new water treatment (DBP)

Latest City News- Water Treatment Improvements.pdf 

Court Street Reconstruction - Public Information Video

Click here to learn more about the Court Street reconstruction project, including information about reverse angled parking and other aspects of the project.

Property Maintenance Code of New York State: Premises Identfication

PRESS RELEASE - Premises Identification.pdf