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What To Do

The CIty of Watertown offers many ways you can spend a day!  Here are a few ideas submitted by our Parks & Recreation department:

1. Visit our historic Thompson Park with plenty of scenic views, children's playground, zoo, golf or just relax and have a picnic.

2. Take a stroll along the River at the Veteran's Memorial Riverwalk near the Center of Town. The Center area is dug up for construction but the area along the river is a nice view, especially if the rafts go by.

3. Take a rafting ride down the Black River from one of the City's 3 rafting companies. Adirondack, Bob's or the Hudson rafting companies.

4. Visit the Alex Duffy Fairgrounds where activities happen by the hour. Collegiate baseball games are played by the Wizard's on the premier baseball field where you can grab a hot dog or a cold one. On July 5th there will be fireworks. The area has other athletic activities you can watch as well or you can go swimming at the public pool. You can also sit near the River to rest and relax. There is also an indoor sports center run by our local YMCA where you can work out or wander in to see if anything is going on there. For example, July 10 2008 is the Josh Gracin concert at the Arena - he is a Country Western singer that was on American Idol (see for information).

5. On Wednesdays you can visit Washington Street by City Hall to attend the Farmer's Market which has everything from fresh fruit & vegetables to arts & crafts.

6. The City's library was just refinished and is a wonderful historic building that is now restored to its original beauty with pictures, murals and loads of culture as well as much to read.

7. If you have teens you might want to contact SOZO "a community for students". A wonderful teen center with pool tables, computers and other activities.  They just relocated and offer a nice safe environment for teens.

8. Each year, Thompson Park hosts the Syracuse Symphony concert in the Park on or near the 4th of July. Grab a lawn chair and hear the 1812 overture with fireworks and cannons shooting in the background.

9. Jefferson County Historical Society offer a wonderful blast from the past in a wonderful old mansion from our early settlers. Later on you can visit Watertown's new Chocolate Cottage where you can test some of the best chocolate around.

10. Waterworks and Marble Street Park provide a nice walking trail near the river. The Marble Street Park has a wilderness trail to the river where you can sit and watch the kayakers as they catch the waves. You can also fish nearby from the dock near Route 3.

If you want to venture outside of Watertown there are many things to do. The Thousand Islands; Bolt Castle; Boat Rides in the St. Lawrence River - Alexandria Bay; Sackets Harbor; Old McDonald's Farm - Sackets Harbor; New York State Parks; Winery Tours; buy cheese curd fresh on Mondays and Thursdays; Go kart racing and miniature golf; Firework displays all over; or fish on Lake Ontario or along the River.