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Old Views of Public Square

Public Square was deeded in 1805 for public use and was originally called the Mall. Such public areas were common in New England towns and villages at the time and was a typical location of the center of the business district.

The round parks in the center of the square were laid out in 1863 which consisted of an oval with a fountain for watering cattle and horses and two outer circles at each end. Because cattle roamed the square in the early days, the central isle was set off with fence posts and a link chain.

Around 1865, the first flagpole was placed in the large oval. It was made from a single 122 foot tree from a local forest. In 1894, the square was paved for the first time and in 1906 the fencing was removed.



An early 1865 Public Square

1865 public square


Looking down Mill Street from the square

public square towards mill street


Looking west toward Arsenal & Court Street from State Street

public square looking west

Close up of the ornate bandstand that was in the center of purblic square



Harris House stood near the corner of Franklin & Public Square

public square near Franklin street


Looking down State Street from Public Square

public square looking out state street


Looking Westward toward Court Street

public square toward court street


A view from the Rothstock

aerial view toward franklin st


Another view from the Rothstock


another aerial view


Roswell P Flower Monument Looking south on Washington Street

Roswell P FLower Monument

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Facing Mill Street

aerial view facing mill street