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Dog Licenses

All dogs residing in the City of Watertown must be licensed by the age of 4 months.

Exemptions are issued to any guide dog, service dog, hearing dog, detection dog, search dog, working dog or therapy dog upon proof of a formal training program, statement from a medical provider stating the owner requires a service dog to assist with a disability, or a statement from a veterinarian stating the dog qualifies as a service dog.

Dog licenses will be for a period of 1 year and will expire at the end of the month 1 year from the date of issue and not the date of renewal.

Once the dog is licensed, please notify the City Clerk’s Office if the dog is deceased, lost, stolen or there is a change of address.

Dog Licenses can be obtained at the City Clerk’s Office by submitting:
  • Proof of current rabies immunization
  • Proof of spayed or neutered
  • Appropriate fee 


$15 if the dog has been spayed or neutered dog
$25 if the dog has not been spayed or neutered



City of Watertown Code - Chapter 81 Animals