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Napoleon Room

Napoleon Bonaparte was born August 15 1769 in Ajaccio, Corsica, to Carlo Buonaparte, a lawyer and political opportunist, and wife, Marie-Letizia.  He married Josephine on March 9 1796 in Paris, France and later married (Marie-Louise) April 2 1810 in Paris, France. He died on May 5 1821 in St. Helena.  Napoleon himself never set foot in the US, however Joseph Bonaparte did and lived her for some years.

His elder brother Giuseppe (Joseph) Bonaparte was born Jan. 7, 1768, Corte, Corsica died July 28, 1844, Florence, Tuscany, Italy - French lawyer, diplomat, and soldier.  During the Napoleonic Wars, he acted as an envoy for his brother, signing treaties with the United States, Austria, Britain, and the Vatican. In 1806 Napoleon made Joseph king of Naples, where he reigned until 1808, when his brother named him king of Spain. Five years later Joseph, ousted by Spanish insurgents, returned to France. In 1815, after the final defeat of Napoleon, Joseph immigrated to the U.S., remaining there until 1832

Joseph had two American daughters born at Point Breeze, his estate in New Jersey, by his mistress Annette Savage (Madame de la Folie), Pauline Anne who died young and Caroline Charlotte (b. 1822, d. 1890) who married Col. Zebulon Howell Benton, Jefferson County NY.  While Joseph Bonaparte never became a naturalized citizen of the United States, the New Jersey legislature passed a bill allowing him to own land, in effect making him a Jerseyman.  Joseph also purchased a large tract of "wilderness" in upstate New York on the Black River. Lake Bonaparte is named for him.

The Napoleon Room at the Flower Library

The Napoleonic Room is evidence of the influence of French settlers and the Napolenaic emigres on our North Country.  The antique mahogany bookcase on the south wall was a gift from Emma Flower Taylor and may have originally come from James LeRay de Chaumont. 

On the wall in the left corner is the bas relief of the Prince Imperial bought by Susan Knowlton from Mrs Benton, a daughter of Joseph Bonaparte.
The Napoleon Room at the Flower Library

The oil painting of Napoleon is the work of Paul Delarouche, born 1797 in Paris and died 1856.  He was an historic portrait painter and Napoleon was just one of many who posed for him.
The Napoleon Room at the Flower Library

The cheval mirror is a fine example of Empire style and is comparable to the one  on display at the Mme Jumel mansion in NYC.  Behind the mirror is hung a French etching.
The Napoleon Room at the Flower Library

On the table in front of the window is the equestrian bronze of Napoleon done by Morise